What can you do about a fat face?

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If you feel that you have more fat in the face than you would like, it is possible to change its appearance. In some cases, this fat may be the result of genetics; In this case, you may have to learn to love this genetic hazard. If you are overweight, this will affect the distribution of facial fat as well as on your body and follow a healthy diet is the best course of action.Unfortunately, it is not possible to specifically target the face to lose fat, but there are many things you can do to minimize or reduce facial fat.

  1. Look in the mirror. If you have a normal-sized 
  2. body, but think your face is too big, you might have a distorted idea of ​​your proportions.Look at your closest family 
  3. members. Do they have the same proportions of the face as you? You can have a genetic predisposition to some weight distribution on your face. In addition, some forms of roundness of the face may be related to your youth and this "chuff" tends to disappear as you age.Ask people you trust to be honest with you. Do they think your face is chubby or do they think it is proportioned appropriately?Is your face "swollen" as opposed to being fat? Swelling can be caused by poor diet, salt food, lack of sleep, alcohol or drug use, lack of exercise, etc. .Talk to your doctor. He or she will be able to reassure you about the proportions of facial fat that it is appropriate to have. In addition, your doctor can eliminate any problems such as edema (swelling).
  4. Check your posture. A collapsed posture can cause the appearance of a more boldface by forcing a double chin. The fat you have will simply move to the most comfortable place and if your posture pushes your neck and chin down, this can make your face bolder.Stand and sit straighter, so that your spine is aligned correctly. Seek help from a physiotherapist or a physician if you are not sure how you should stand or sit down to ensure proper posture.Breathe deeply. It is harder to sag when you breathe deeper, since you need to straighten to fill your lungs with air.Remember to hold your shoulders back, tilt your head and chin more up and look people in the eye.Exercises to improve his posture exist; Ask your physiotherapist for more details or visit sites on the Internet. Pilates, yoga and similar exercises will also help you.

Food in general and diets

A good diet for your body also affects your face.
  1. Eat healthy. Limit the amount of calories you consume to those required for a person of your height, gender and age. Tables of calories are available from the governmental authorities responsible for nutrition information in your country. Or, ask your doctor for advice.
  2. Lose weight if you are overweight. When you lose body fat, you will also lose fat around the face. Know that it is impossible to target an area of ​​the body - when losing weight, the entire body, including the face, will be affected. By following a balanced diet to lose weight, while doing regular exercise, you should see any unwanted fat from the face also get .It is important to talk to your doctor about your diet, to make sure that you are following a well-balanced diet and that you avoid the fad diet that can harm your body.Cardiovascular and weight training exercises are the best way to lose weight and to tone your body.Eat plenty of fiber and green leafy vegetables. Avoid foods high in sugar and fat.Try to avoid alcohol or reduce consumption drastically. Alcohol contains low-calorie calories and also dehydrates your body. Dehydration can make your face appear swollen.
  3. Stay well hydrated. Drinking enough water will help you eliminate the excess sodium that can cause a swelling of the face. Enough water will also help eliminate toxins in the body that can contribute to a sickly pallor.
There are more than fifty muscles in your face- which according to some experts can all enjoy facial exercises.
  1. Do not consider facial exercises as a cure for all your ailments. The idea to make your face work has its followers, but never rely on this only way to reduce the fat of your face, since having a slimmer appearance always comes down to losing healthy weight in general and to work the " Whole body. However, that being said, facial exercises are good to do in conjunction with a diet because they can help prevent sagging and wrinkles that appear after significant weight loss.
  2. Try facial yoga. The yoga movements that place your head down are supposed to provide a good workout to the facial muscles, along with deep breathing. As a bonus, this helps you look younger.
  3. Say the letters X and O several times in succession. These two letters will force your mouth and your cheeks to contract so as to make the muscles move a lot.Repeat as many times per day as you want.
  4. chewing gum. The constant chewing action will require a lot of (muscles in the face) , if you like {chewing gum} this is not likely to be difficult to do.{Chew sugarless gum} Avoid adding more sugar to your diet than necessary.
  5. Open your mouth as smoothly and widely as possible. Stay so for a few seconds. Then release.Repeat about 30 times in a row, three times a day (morning, noon and evening).
Makeup is used to hide all kinds of things on the face. It can also be used to reduce the appearance of width.
  1. Use a blush that is more vivid than the tone of your skin. Apply from the outside of the face inward. This gives an impression of more sculpted cheeks and makes you look beautiful.
  2. Use contouring to thin the face. Contouring can make a less defined face appear thinner, emphasizing the cheekbones and using eye shadow to moderate and highlight different parts of the face.Contouring can make an already thin face appear cavernous and tired. Pay attention to how you use contouring.Ask a contouring lesson to a local makeup artist. This person will be able to better advise you on what to highlight and what needs to be softened relative to your own face. It takes more time to learn how to use contouring  very well- so continue practicing.
  3. Make eyebrows arched.{Arched eyebrows} that have a little thickness (but not too much)- can thin a face. These can be highlighted using a shade slightly darker than your natural eyebrow color.
  4. Use a concealer to hide these circles around the eyes. {Dark circles} can add a feeling of heaviness to your face.
  5. Use a lighter color for the lips. {Lighter lipsticks} can give an impression of heaviness. By using {lighter lipsticks} you can make your lips look thinner.
  • Keeping your facial skin in excellent condition is essential to feel better about the appearance of your face. Your face is your window on the world, so make it as beautiful as possible by following a daily routine of skin care and cleansing that suits your skin type and lifestyle. This does not have to be complicated or expensive and you are a man or woman does not matter - just find a cleansing and moisturizing skin routine that works for you and s' Hold it.
  • Faces are subject to fat accumulation; As such, this can actually be a useful indicator for you in order to consider dieting to tone your entire body.
  • The natural shape of your body will have an impact on the size, width or perceived fat of your face.
  • Creams that sculpt the face exist, but do your research before spending large sums of money.
  • Saying the letters 'M' and 'N' with a maximum movement of your jaws is yet another way to help you.
  • A more round face helps most people to keep looking younger. most people- accepting fat from their face is the way to stay young longer! {Past the forties} you will  naturally lose fat at the face and with a lower BMI and wrinkles stand out more on the face.
  • Facial surgery is as serious as any other form of surgery and should not be taken lightly.There are many blood vessels in your face that can make such an operation tricky and Even when done properly {facial surgery} must leave scars.
  • {Chewing} for a long time cause pain in your jaws.
  • There is no such thing as targeted weight loss- There is no method to target an area of ​​the body and lose weight only at this location. You will need to be ready to lose weight in general in order to lose weight at the facial level.
  • Losing too much weight at the level of your face can lead you to look much older, with hollow and sagging parts of your face. Anywhere between fifteen to twenty-five percent body fat is essential for keeping the face youthful in appear
source: https://www.quora.com/What-can-I-do-about-a-fat-face
author: Mike Stain, researching for 3 years to loss belly fat and body weight

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