Best 8 Foods That Are Easy to Digest

Easy to Digest Foods

Healthy digestion is important for your overall health.
Many people complain of digestive problems such as gas, diarrhea, constipation or bloating.
It is best to go to foods that you can easily digest so as not to risk disease.
“Easy to Digest” what does it mean?
When you chew the food the Digestion starts in your mouth. Food travels through the , which consists of a set of organs such as a stomach, colon and small intestine.
In the digestive system the body secretes the enzymes and acids that help digestion and then enter the nutrients in the bloodstream and then distributed to the rest of the body.
Food that contains a lot of fiber and fat takes a long time to digest it also causes digestive problems because the food stays in the stomach for long periods until it is digested.
Food that contains a small amount of fiber and fat can be easily digested without causing side effects such as bloating or gas.

These foods are easy to digest:

1. Lean Meat
Best 8 Foods That Are Easy to Digest

  • ·        Lean meats that contain high-quality protein such as roast turkey and chicken are easy to digest on your stomach
  • ·        When eating chicken and turkey you should cut the skin because it contains fat which is not easy to digest
  • ·        Try to cook the meat properly until the bactericidal bacteria are eliminated

2. Rice

Best 8 Foods That Are Easy to Digest
  • Rice is very easy to digest. The body will digest white rice faster than brown rice but brown rice is healthier.
  • However when your rice cools after boiling it is hard to digest and when added to it the starch is harder to digest.
  • You should eat your rice while still warm and do not wait until it cools.
3. Ripe Bananas

Best 8 Foods That Are Easy to Digest

  • ·        Bananas are very nutritious and are rich in carbohydrates, which are in the form of starch or sugar.
  • ·        Ripe bananas are better than unripe bananas in digestion.

4. Boiled Potatoes

Best 8 Foods That Are Easy to Digest

  • ·        The boiled potatoes contain many important nutrients as they are rich in carbohydrates.
  • ·        Potatoes are better than baked potatoes because they contain less resistant starch as they are the best choice for easy digestion.
  • ·        Eat boiled potatoes that are still warm and do not wait until they cool. They are easy to digest when warm.

5. Instant Oatmeal

Best 8 Foods That Are Easy to Digest

  • ·        Instant oatmeal is better than rolled oats because it is rolled and pressed less and cooked faster and also easier and faster to digest.
  • ·        A study of some healthy people showed that thin-rolled oats better than thick-rolled oats because they were digested faster.
  • ·        If you have sensitive to gluten can buy oatmeal which is free of gluten.
  • ·        People with celiac disease should consume gluten-free oats only.

6. Egg Whites

Best 8 Foods That Are Easy to Digest

  • ·        Eggs are the most nutritious foods that contain many high-quality proteins.
  • ·        One large boiled egg containing 6 grams of high-quality protein and 5 grams of fat.

7. Lean fish

Best 8 Foods That Are Easy to Digest

  • ·        Fish have many health benefits as they contain a large quantity of high-quality animal protein which is also easy to digest.
  • ·        Fish generally contain high-quality protein which is better than plant protein and does not contain carbohydrates and almost no fat.

8. Yogurt

Best 8 Foods That Are Easy to Digest

  • ·        Eating yogurt is very beneficial to your health as it is very rich in robotics.
  • ·        Research has shown that yogurt is very beneficial to the health of the digestive system and also helps to lose weight and strengthen the immune system.
  • ·        Yogurt helps to prevent diarrhea, especially in children, and also reduces the symptoms of nerve colon and bloating.
Here are some things that help digestion:
  • 1.     Limit stress: Stress causes stomach pain and affects the digestive system and can cause diarrhea. There are several ways to reduce stress and include exercise and meditation.
  • 2.     Exercise: Sports help relieve stress and when exercised regularly help reduce constipation.
  • 3.     Stay hydrated: Drinking liquids helps digestion and they are the best choice to reduce constipation and bloating.
  • 4.     Do not eat too much in one meal: Try to reduce the amount of eating in one meal Otherwise, you will feel discomfort and pain in your stomach. Try to eat slowly, this helps digestion quickly.
The bottom line:
  • a.     Getting regular exercise, drinking sufficient amounts of water, reducing stress and eating slowly all this helps digestion.
  • b.     Some types of food are easier to digest than some other types and do not cause any side effects and are digested quickly and smoothly.
  • c.      If you have any digestive problems, especially in the stomach or colon, the best option for you is to eat foods that are easy to digest.
  • d.     If you are in good health and with no problems in the digestive system try to eat food, which is easy to digest to avoid digestive disease.
  • e.     In general, there is a range of foods that you can rely on to build your healthy diet and maintain your health and digestive health.

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